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List of sites for which NoScript provides surrogates

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:50 am
by Tom T.
As explained in the article Surrogate Script, NoScript will by default run a "surrogate script" for various data-mining, advertising, and other scripts that leak privacy. These "fake scripts" make pages happy when they would otherwise refuse to function unless you allowed the scripts, yet they have been "neutered" so as not to leak privacy-sensitive data.

The script sources that will be replaced are located in about:config, and easily found by typing surr in the Filter Bar (called "Search Bar" in more recent Firefox).
However, some users are not comfortable in about:config, given the nasty warning that one must click past, and the exact script names as you see them in your browser may not be the same as they are identified in about:config.

Therefore, here is a plain-English listing of the affected sources. If any part of the script name contains the below, you may leave it blocked and know that the surrogate will run. Alphabetized for your convenience, which is not the same order in which they appear in about:config per the above paragraph.

No user action is required. Simply leave the associated script in the default-deny zone, or mark it as Untrusted when you encounter it. Then there should be no need ever to allow them.
NOTE: If you allow or temp-allow them, the *real* script runs.

Based on NoScript 5.0.10rc4. Will be updated as time permits.

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360haven (3rd-party scripts on the site) (inclusion only)
adriver (.ru)
adscale (.de)
adsense /
dimtus / imageteam*/build/themes/ --- for cookies *only*; substitutes a cookie with expiration in 1970.
Google Plus1, or
www. google  search (variants for links and for Thumbs)
ModPagespeed (generic surrogate which prevents hiding already downloaded pages)
picbucks / imagebax
picsee (Quantcast Corporation) (3rd-party; doesn't replace all Twitter scripting, including home site)
Wordpress blogs (generic surrogate that does scriptless site auto-show)

Please find a way to show your appreciation to Giorgio Maone for developing these custom-built tools to enable us to make our pages work, while keeping a bit more of what little privacy we still have left.

- Tom T.