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UI icon missing on Fx 42.0.1 Android 6.0 NoSript 3.5a14

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 7:24 am
by anonmobile
I installed NoScript on my mobile Firefox the other day, and when I browsed a news site afterwards a NoScript icon appeared inside my URL bar on the right-hand side, which popped up a menu when clicked.

Since then, the icon is nowhere to be seen, although I think the add-on is still blocking scripts. To enable scripts I tried disabling the add-on but it didn't seem to unblock them (though I didn't try restarting the browser).

Unfortunately I don't remember whether my recent Android update happened before or after I installed the add-on; perhaps it's relevant. I haven't updated Fx since installing the add-on - at least, not manually.

How can I get the icon back?

Re: UI icon missing on Fx 42.0.1 Android 6.0 NoSript 3.5a14

Posted: Fri Sep 30, 2016 7:00 am
by anonmobile
First, I upgraded Fx to 49. (I've got no idea why, when checking for updates through Fx's Help menu, it told me that there were no updates, on both my Android devices. I figured out from reading around that there was a newer version available, and I downloaded the apk directly from Mozilla.)

Then, I realized that maybe I was confused! Perhaps there never was an icon?! I went to Fx's main menu, and by chance I happened to scroll the menu up. :roll: A NoScript menu item rolled into view.

In the menu's initial position, it occupies the whole vertical height of the browser; the last visible item in the menu fits perfectly (thus offering no visual clue that there is another item below); and that last visible item happens to be Help, which we have all been made accustomed to seeing as the final item in an app's main menu. So it never occurred to me that there were further menu items offscreen to scroll to!

When I scrolled, a NoScript menu item showed underneath the Help item. Like I say, perhaps there never was a NoScript icon; I don't remember how I invoked the NoScript dialog the first (and only) time... it was late and I was tired!

I have to say, though: nowhere on the NoScript website does it actually say how to pop up the NoScript dialog! I guess it's supposed to be obvious. Just goes to show that nothing is 100% obvious: the right set of factors can come together to cause confusion, especially on touch devices!

Oh.. and perhaps the NoScript menu could be moved to above Help?