Problem Resetting "Per-Site Permissions" in NoScript.

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Problem Resetting "Per-Site Permissions" in NoScript.

Post by Panaji » Thu Jan 13, 2022 8:44 am

My device's security has relied on NoScript for a while now. And I am happy using it. Thanks to the developer...
Lately though, after experiencing numerous freezes while trying to access many websites, I noticed that if I disabled 'NoScript' ( NS ), and re- enable it, things improved a bit. But not for long.

So I scanned the "Per-Site Permissions and found rogue entries. Other critical sites the system needs had been remotely removed also (;, etc). I tried a 'Reset' but a reset merely restores the rogue setting.

Is there a way I could DELETE these rogue entries altogether instead of just quaranteeing them to UNTRUSTED ?
I have since added NoScript and Mozilla pages on the trusted list.

Thanks in advance.
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