Will the cloud bubble burst in 2010?

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Will the cloud bubble burst in 2010?

Post by luntrus » Mon Jan 04, 2010 7:47 pm

Hi forum friends,

The "Cloud" has been hyped during recent years by all sorts of individuals and firms, but the cloud-bubble will burst somewhere during 2010, according to VRT's Matthew Watchinski*, known from opensource IDS/IPS Snort. In 2009 the Cloud has been plagued by various problems likes Twitter that went offline, loss of T-Mobile SideKick data, the disastrous Amazon's EC2 uptime and Gmail outings. "These problems form a trend for all upcoming services to deal with", says Watchinski. The next round will be the abuse of the Cloud for malicious purposes, something we experienced already with EC2* and Twitter* being used as command & control channel for botnets.

Watchinski, head security at VRT, assumes we will see another major hack of a prominent Cloud service, where a gigantic amount of data is going round. Then he warns for "snake oil" on the cloud security- market. Everything will be Cloud-stamped during 2010. "The nice thing of the Cloud is that you won't experience how it works, the bad side of the Cloud that you won't find out how it works." Also the researcher expects more bugs and vulnerabilities, exploits, malware and attacks on and aimed at Mac-users,
http://vrt-sourcefire.blogspot.com/2009 ... urity.html
http://blog.scansafe.com/journal/2009/1 ... efore.html
http://asert.arbornetworks.com/2009/08/ ... d-channel/

But on the other hand I was rather impressed of the added security solution of a in the Cloud added av scanner, by the name of ImmunetProtect, re: http://www.immunet.com/protect
This cloud service provides light-weight added security next to ThreatFire and your resident av-solution (it recognizes my Threatfire and avast av solutions), scans all that is being installed on the Internet and also checks if program files are to be trusted. Bundles the anti-malware capabilities of all thousands of users that are active within the cloud at that time. Flagged on me once and on that occasion flagged rightly for a suspiciously encrypted USB av tool file, -MXOne tried to install and it was halted, did not give any FP untill now, so after I tested it from day one it came out, I found it a good and reliable addition to my anti-malware arsenal, well the feeling now is I do not like to miss it and restarted it immeadeately the one time I found it non-active, also occasionally scan all my system files and active processes with it - next to scanning with Threat Expert memory scanner, so for me it was a positive "trouvant", so the cloud for luntrus does not only have dark rims,

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