ungoogled-chromium is a set of configuration flags, patches,

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ungoogled-chromium is a set of configuration flags, patches,

Post by morganism » Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:19 pm

"due to Chrome’s new user-unfriendly forced login policy — I won’t be using it going forward."

https://blog.cryptographyengineering.co ... ng-chrome/

"ungoogled-chromium is a set of configuration flags, patches, and custom scripts. These components altogether strive to accomplish the following:

Disable or remove offending services and features that communicate with Google or weaken privacy
Strip binaries from the source tree, and use those provided by the system or build them from source
Disable features that inhibit control and transparency, and add or modify features that promote them (these changes are minor and do not have significant impacts on the general user experience)

ungoogled-chromium should not be considered a fork of Chromium. The main reason for this is that a fork is associated with more significant deviations from the Chromium, such as branding, configuration formats, file locations, and other interface changes. ungoogled-chromium will not modify the Chromium browser outside of the project's goals."

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