The human side of cyber-breaches

Talk about internet security, computer security, personal security, your social security number...
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The human side of cyber-breaches

Post by barbaz » Tue Feb 28, 2017 6:07 am

Interesting article about how security breaches happen - ... gineering/

Did you think that reading about breaches in the news gave you a good sense of this stuff? Think again.
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Re: The human side of cyber-breaches

Post by therube » Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:45 am

Ah, it all sucks.
Technology is the ban of civilization.

Used to be you went outside to play - with people.
Used to be you spoke to a person - in person.
Telephone, & you could call & speak with a person, OK.

Now, no one speaks - they text [well, except for me].

Dealing with anyone (organization) sucks these days.

Used to be you would speak - with a person.
Now you "speak" to a computer.
A real live "person" is used for... for I don't know what, because there isn't one to speak to.

You used to deal with, people.
Now you deal with "prompts".

Every place, every industry, every everything.

Oh, I can't speak to you until you tell me your secret verbal passcode.
Well screw you!

Bank of America purposely under-staff's their branches.
Presumably because they don't want to deal with "customers" (aka people).
They've got better, easier ways to make money then dealing with people.

The branch I always go into, I wanted to transfer $$ from one account to another (something I used to be able to do by sitting in my office, & speaking to a person [in the bank], & asking them to do it for me [as its between different entities, so I'm unable - they way their systems are set up, I'm unable to do it myself]. So what did BoA do, they closed the entire [what was] Business Banking department, replacing it with [cough, cough] Business Banking. So where you used to speak with a, person, you now speak with a machine [even if it may have the voice of a person], at which point you can't do anything at all. So that puts you in a branch, in front of a teller [remember the understaffed part], & that teller, who you see regularly, says, oh, your signature [from that account you wanted to transfer from, that one you opened a couple decades ago], oh, your signature doesn't look like what it did back then. Could you sign the transfer slip again. [At which point you go ahead & sign the slip the very same way as you just did, because that is how you sign your name - now - & not as you did 20 years ago.] And they say, oh, it still doesn't look right. And you laugh at them, & sign again, the very same way. And again. And finally the person [machine], says, oh, hey, I've completed your transaction. Thank you for your business. And then you laugh again, raise your voice a bit, & ask, Why are you thanking me?! You could care less about me [or any of your "customers"]. Oh, I'm sorry you feel that way...

Just about anyone, anywhere, these days, where you have to deal with people, heh.
It's a joke.

So don't tell me about "human sides".

In FL, to visit my father, I needed ID & pictures & ... And every single day, you see the same guy when you walk in, & go through the same procedure.

In MD, I walk in to hospital, ask for the room number for the person I want, she gives to me & says, "that way", & I say, What? no ID, no photo's, no... No, just go on back & visit. [At least that's the way it was at Howard County General. And I'm glad they didn't want any of that, cause I didn't even bring ID with me.]

When I was in the hospital, & they asked, who would you like be able to see your records, communicate with us about you, I told them - everyone & anyone.

[Sorry for the rant. Needs to be said. Didn't think much of the article. Identity theft. Just a rehash of whats well known. I could care less about it. And I say that as I haven't been victimized by it. But we can always look to the future ;-).

Bureaucracy is the answer. Well color me confused?

And then I see non-stop traffic from that site; & pixel something or the other. Yes, I visited without NoScript. Silly huh.]
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