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Post by Shar_Tegral » Mon Jun 10, 2013 12:20 am

First, let me please apologize. I am a native English speaker (From Philadelphia, PA in fact) but I've only recently regained the use of language. (I'll explain this after I stay on topic - which is hard for me to do.)

Secondly, I use Firefox and noscript in the simplest manner. I used to be an IT person but my skills in the past couple of months have taken quite a shock. Since this is so I limit my activity online. However I added some themes to the appearance of my Thunderbird and bam... We-Care.com invaded my browser. My proof is listed on my public area of my facebook page:

Code: Select all

. I put the link as code so as to intrude upon the readers of this forum as little as possible. My proof is some screenshots of what happened to my browser before I did what I had to do to wipe out We-Care.com. What is most troubling of all is that from an Add On We-Care.com invaded my noscripts allowed scripts.


Now onto ancillary off the main topic things.
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Thank you for not roasting me too much for posting or spending off topic time. With TBI it is hard to remain salient and/or succinct. Good luck with your browsing!
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Re: We_Care.com

Post by Thrawn » Mon Jun 10, 2013 3:07 am

Custom installations like addons can pretty much do whatever they want to the browser. NoScript can't protect you from them, I'm afraid, because they have the same privileged position. Best to be careful what you install.
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