Thunderbird dropping support for legacy extensions

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Thunderbird dropping support for legacy extensions

Post by barbaz » Tue Oct 01, 2019 11:49 pm!topic ... E8Yw6POxEE

Sounds like they're also going to remove legacy addons from, just like Mozilla did from AMO a while back.

What will happen to SeaMonkey addons in light of this?

(I know Tobin saw this coming and brought this up a long time ago at JustOff's Classic Add-ons Archive project, but did anything ever come of that? -
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Re: Thunderbird dropping support for legacy extensions

Post by therube » Sun Nov 17, 2019 3:17 pm

Not sure what to make of this (& actually found the answer unexpected).
> Will extensions (as we know them) install and work in [SeaMonkey] 2.57?

There are no plans to deprecate classic extensions/themes for 2.57. Plan is to add web extension support too. How far and fast this will go will be seen.

Mozilla did gut some apis for good but the TB addons guide covers it.

Stay away from rdf and you should be good if you don't use any of the removed apis. What works now should continue to work. Saying should is not mean't as doublespeak but more like 99%. We don't have any intent to break it further or intentionally remove working apis but if we need to backport something it might break some old behaviour. We might even back out some things because there are just plain stupid (like view source in a tab only or moz-border removal). 2.57 is not around the corner because of all the breakage. For 2.53 bookmarks, intl and downloads api changed already.

FRG ... &t=3056641

And if SeaMonkey seems to think it can do it, then Waterfox's claims to want to do it may not be too far fetched either.
(Only dabbled a touch some time back, unsuccessfully, to get Legacy extension working in WF 68.)
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