Extensions in Firefox 67 - and "Privacy"

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Extensions in Firefox 67 - and "Privacy"

Post by therube » Wed Mar 27, 2019 11:44 am

Extensions in Firefox 67 - and "Privacy"
https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2019/03 ... irefox-67/

By default (newly installed) extensions in 67 will be disabled in Private Windows.

What a crock.
With all the crap that Mozilla enables by default in FF itself, & they're wanting to protect our "privacy" by disabling extensions in Private Windows.

Next thing you know, they won't allow extensions to work on "Mozilla" sites, you know, like AMO.
(Oh, wait...)

And then what?
Extensions won't be able to be used by gun owners? Or (let me see which way the wind is blowing today...) by the straight community. Or...

"Raising User Awareness"

Yeah right.
Just like UAC raises awareness. And how those "disclaimers" raise awareness when you now install extensions.
It's more about CYA.

And Addons Manager will have a badge, proclaiming, 'listen up, all good citizens', that it is "allowed in private windows".
(Yet they can't manage to display a extensions' version number. Go figure?)

And to top it off, " Firefox will display a message the first time a user opens a new private window".

How about a popup message each time you type a character on your keyboard.
WARNING! You have attempted to type a character from your keyboard.
Keyboard characters may be intercepted.
Interception of keyboard characters may lead to privacy issues.
[Not to worry, all privacy issues are routed through Equifax, which has users privacy as its upmost concern.]
Then... the idiot button kicks in when you attempt to type a Y N or hit the ABORT key & are presented with the same dialog :lol:.

(Heh, don't tell anyone, but you can be sure that AMP will be secure & will certainly protect your privacy. AMP, something that Mozilla will be obligated to implement - because Chrome is doing it.)

(Maybe I should have posted this in the 'my mornin' rant' forum ;-).)
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