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Just How Freakin Pitiful Are WebEx aka FlashGot

Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 11:56 pm
by therube
Just How Freakin Pitiful Are Webextensions
aka are extensions, oh, say something like, FlashGot, that in its current incarnation, you know, reliable, meaningful, efficient, effective, are they not even viable as a webextension?

For starters (& to keep it brief):

Would it be able to interface with external download managers?
Can it remember download locations (you know, something other then like "mydocs/downloads") or would you be prompted, each & every time, for each & every download?

Re: Just How Freakin Pitiful Are WebEx aka FlashGot

Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2018 12:37 am
by GµårÐïåñ
It is one of the most ridiculously pathetic systems I have seen in a long time, there are massively needed and useful API that simply don't exist and yet they were in such a rush to push it out that they have now had 3 releases since that are still pathetically lacking. If they focused more on getting their shit together than worrying about what their stupid logo is going to look like, they might actually get something accomplished.

Anything with system level interaction is lacking, including but not limited to all the password fillers now have to use cloud loaded data to do it and can no longer load from passcards locally stored, for example RoboForm since the extension system doesn't allow it anymore. Extensions like DTA have been dead in the water for two years now as he just can't make it work under the new system which lacks nearly every API needed to make it functional. Now Giorgio hasn't said what if any efforts he has put on FlashGot and has been simply silent on it, even though I have asked but I suspect he will just let it die.

As with custom folders, I agree that restricting everything to the default download folder is completely and utterly retarded; if Chrome which they are copying can provide ability for custom paths, then why the hell not them? If you are going to kiss ass and follow their route, at least look at their open source code and copy the shit out of it and make yours functional too, not just sit on your ass debating what your browser should look like. They have become completely anti-user and that is the beginning of the end for them. The only reason they succeeded as much/little as they did was the ability for users to pretty much do anything, now they are not even as good as anyone else let alone better.