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My Browser is a Sieve

Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 11:41 pm
by therube
My Browser is a Sieve.

FF certainly is.
Every technology being added, every technology being removed only makes the holes bigger.

Here is a (cough) application that people are intended to use, that developers are intended to develop for, & yet there is no rhyme no reason to the madness that goes on with it.

Stability is long gone.
Confidence in long gone.
Soon (I fear) that users will be gone.

(See, & you thought there was not some grand plan.)

That said (& the real purpose of this post, & in light of is said above), I give you:

WebExtensions broken, unable to store or retain data

Earlier I thought, do I really need to point that out, eh ?, but now, yeah, I guess I should really point it out.

A few "isolated" circumstances, & well, things don't work.

But then we all know it is more then "a few isolated", that we're trying to work within a system that is by virtue of what it is, not workable. That it happens to work, sometimes, in some respects, is actually quite remarkable.

Here's hoping :-).