#dev Page Should Note Corresponding Release

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#dev Page Should Note Corresponding Release

Post by therube » Fri Apr 20, 2012 2:06 pm

#dev Page Should Note Corresponding Release number, if appropriate.

It does not matter to me, but I often do not know if a #dev build is more recent then the current Release version, so in troubleshooting, often not sure to recommend a #dev to someone who already has the current Release.

So something like this (or whatever the case may be):


v 2.3.7rc5 same as v 2.3.7 release


v 1.4.1rc3 same as v 1.4.1 release

(I believe you used to do this in the past.)
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Re: #dev Page Should Note Corresponding Release

Post by GµårÐïåñ » Fri Apr 20, 2012 10:18 pm

therube, the versioning is simple, the final incremented RC (release candidate) becomes the actual final release version number, so there should be no confusion and nothing is missing. If I create a version x.xrc1 to say x.xrc(n) the fact is that the final (n) whatever it is, is the finally accepted revision of the candidate to go public, hence it becomes just x.x if I wanted to actually go beyond that candidate and changed something that no longer was within its scope, it would be incremented as x.y to indicate that I am not using a final version of the release candidate (RC) of the version base anymore but have gone beyond it. Hope that helps because telling someone that 1:15 PM is the same as afternoon, is redundant, they know it, or that 3 PM is same as day time, its understood. The final RC number is always the release version unless substantially changed and hence incremented in sub- main- revision- versions. That's why on the changelog he keeps the RC numbering and notes so they know after how many cycles on the RC it became final and what changed in each step.
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