Interesting Ad Layout

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Interesting Ad Layout

Post by therube » Tue Jan 26, 2010 3:20 pm

Interesting Ad Layout

Found this site interesting,

First thing you notice (with NoScript enabled) are the blatant blacked out areas.
Which of course peaks your interest.
So you Allow softwareok to have a look.

Next thing you notice is that the ads are well demarcated (against a black background - & with Adblock Plus enabled).
Makes it easy to not confuse the ads with the page content.

If you disable Adblock Plus, the ads change, some being Flash.

All in all, I rather like it.
A novel way of handling it IMO.
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Re: Interesting Ad Layout

Post by Alan Baxter » Tue Jan 26, 2010 5:02 pm

Thank you for the link. I'm checking it out...

therube wrote:First thing you notice (with NoScript enabled) are the blatant blacked out areas.

1) The lower part of the blacked-out area on the right side contains more links to the site's internal content, i.e. the site gratuitously forces you to use JavaScript. Compare this to, which provides full functionality even with JavaScript disabled.

2) Distracting, CPU sucking Flash.

3) Some of the Ad by Google are placed in the content area.

4) If the ads are blocked with EasyList/Privacy, then the site replaces some of them with a box of links that look like tags. I clicked on a couple of them and got taken to an Amazon search result with the "tag" used as a keyword. This doesn't happen on all the pages. It seems to come and go. I see it right now on

Conclusion: I've seen worse, but I don't like the ads on this site. I can't speak to its content. I'm not interested after having to enable JavaScript and then being presented with Flash and so many ads.
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