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Re: uses an invalid security cer

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 4:01 am
by PLD
The other day, while testing FF 46.0.1 (pretty sure, but small chance it was 47.0.1 by then), I saw the "[ABE WAN] WAN IP not detected!" message in the browser console. I attempted to manually load and got the invalid security certificate message. I saw nothing obviously wrong with the cert. I tried loading the ipecho page using a different computer equipped with FF 45.0.2, and ran into a 500 internal server error. At that point I suspected a possibly temporary server issue and went back to what I was doing. When I finished that work I checked to see if I was still having problems loading the ipecho page. Using FF 45.0.2 and FF 47.0.1 the ipecho page loaded fine. Gremlin gone, it seems.

I, like most users, don't normally open and check the browser console though. So how would I know if and when such a problem occurs? Might there be a way to overtly alert the user?