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SeaMonkey, Browser Built In, & Download Manager

Posted: Fri Dec 25, 2009 7:08 pm
by therube
SeaMonkey, FlashGot Browser Built In, & Download Manager

Should using FlashGot along with Browser Built In cause SeaMonkey's Download Manager to open?

Download Manager ...
It doesn't open automatically with certain downloads -- FlashGot doesn't
open it, for instance, but it's operating behind the scenes anyway. This could prove to be
a problem if a large download is underway without one being aware of it. Closing
SeaMonkey in such an instance does not close the download process, which remains
invisible till complete. Then, a notification of completion appears briefly in the lower right.
This is better behavior than a download being aborted when SeaMonkey is closed, but not
as good as opening and displaying the Download Manager whenever something is
initiated. ... 5#p8312725