Build Gallery enhancement: parse image location & clipboard

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Build Gallery enhancement: parse image location & clipboard

Post by dez93_2000 » Thu Jun 08, 2017 2:11 pm

Build Gallery is a brilliant feature I use all the time.
I tend to use it by going to the last image url in a sequence, say,
and right click > copy image location on the image there, which let's say is
then build gallery, paste, edit range:[01-12].jpg
copy, tab tab tab, paste, return (to have links & images).

SOMETIMES (and I've not worked out what triggers this) the Build Gallery will be pre-populated with the relevant image with ranges prepared around the numbers, e.g. for it would be[1-1]/gallery[2-2]/image[3-3].jpg if I remember correctly. Might be prepopulated with [1-1;1], i'm not sure off hand.

Some proposed enhancements/streamlinings:
1. It would be great if clicking Build Gallery on an image would copy the image location and parse it to the Build Gallery links and pictures fields
2. Similarly great if clicking B.G. not on an image would pre-populate with the clipboard contents
3. More awesome still (possibly as an option which can be turned off I guess): assume the image is the last one of the range and prepopulate backwards with zeroes padding assumed e.g. right clicking on:
would pre-populate both fields with[01-12].jpg

The process would then be: go to last image page, right click image, build gallery..., (prepopulated fields are correct) hit enter, boom, done.
Semi-related: is there any reason why B.G. doesn't have an underlined letter for keyboarding? This just me? I'm not seeing anything else in my menu with a G for example...

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