Capture all links on an FDNLinks page?

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Capture all links on an FDNLinks page?

Post by Morbius » Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:25 pm

First, I LOVE Flashgot, so thanks for the program!

I download a lot of files that I get from, and those folks frequently "protect" their downloads by runnning the liniks through a "link protector" site call So what you normally see on the site is a single FDNLinks url, and when you follow that, you get a page that often has several, or many, other links on it pointing directly to Rapidshare, DepositFiles, or other download hosts. The problem is, the FDNLinks page lists all these urls on what I believe is a Adobe flash page, so Flashgot is unable to capture them all.

What I'd like to be able to do is go to one of these FDNLinks pages, and when it displays the list of actual links there, be able to tell Flashgot to do a "Flashgot All" scrub and grab every link on that page, if that's possible.

I set up some links you can test. First I uploaded three files to Rapidshare.Com (actually, all the same file, just with different names), and then I used FDNLinks.Com to get a single "protected" link for them, such as what you'd normally see if you wanted a download from Newzfind.Com.

So if you go to ... df5a501051, you should see it list the three Rapidshare links there, and you can see that Flashgot is unable to capture all those Rapidshare links from the FDNLinks page.
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Re: Capture all links on an FDNLinks page?

Post by therube » Mon Mar 30, 2009 4:08 pm

(FlashGot aside, at least you're able to Select All | Copy. Flash :evil:.)
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