[BUG][E10s] Clicking to focus Firefox window is selecting te

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[BUG][E10s] Clicking to focus Firefox window is selecting te

Postby gaberad » Fri Dec 09, 2016 4:06 am

This is more of an FYI, since I read the other E10s bug thread and understand E10s bugs don't really have priority at the moment.

As the title suggests, with FlashGot installed and E10s enabled, when you click back into the Firefox window to focus the window (e.g. switching between programs, like notepad > Firefox) it is selecting the text on the webpage under/where the cursor is.

This is on FF 50.0.2 (as well as FF Dev 52.0a2), new profile, only FlashGot installed, with the following about:config preference added to enable E10s: browser.tabs.remote.force-enable::true
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