youtube video problem

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youtube video problem

Post by Teasy » Mon Jan 27, 2014 1:53 pm

hi there!
i have found a persistent problem when playing youtube videos while flashgot is active.


(maybe unrelated) red error messages in error console:
- Timestamp: 27-01-2014 1326.46
- Error: TypeError: Components.utils.nukeSandbox is not a function
- Source File: chrome://flashgot/content/Youtube.js
- Line: 721

- windows xp sp3 (32-bit)
- firefox 14.0.1
- flashgot &

steps to reproduce problem:
- open youtube link
= the play cursor will stop at about 14 seconds and won't play beyond that point
- if the play cursor goes past that point, simply refresh the page
= the play cursor will stop at about 14 seconds and won't play beyond that point

the video contains an ad which i believe is related to the problem - as on some videos this problem does not occur.
when enabling the addon "adblock plus", it causes more problems, such as seeing the message "an error has occured, please try again later" in the (embedded) youtube window right after loading the webpage and starting the video (automatically).
often when this error message is displayed, no video will be visible (it's a black window) but the audio will play normally, while the youtube controls will not respond to input very much.

- usually when quickly pausing the video, or when quickly switching the quality of the video allows it to play.
- usually when switching to 144p quality, and moving the play cursor, the video will play.
- usually when the video is longer than 30 seconds, and the default play quality is 360p, and the play cursor stops at about 15 seconds, switching to 480p will allow the video to continue playing without any interaction.
- usually when switching to hd quality, the video will play.

- i have enabled/disabled many add-ons to see where the problems come from and found that flashgot is the prime source of the problem (with youtube specifically).
- i have also found that disabling "do not track me" has a beneficial effect on making more videos play more often, but this may be unrelated.
- testing it on a clean/empty profile works, also in a latest version of firefox (25), as well as when the flashgot addon is disabled on my prefered version of firefox (14).
- strangely enough, flashblock, an addon that is, for example, used to prevent youtube from playing a video right away, is working again after disabling flashgot - while flashgot (+flashblock) is enabled, the entire youtube window/frame (not the webpage) 'disappears' and turns into a black placeholder without content.

i hope some1 here knows what's up :)
but i'm happy to have found what's causing it!
thank you for reading :)
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Re: youtube video problem

Post by Giorgio Maone » Mon Jan 27, 2014 2:18 pm

You need to update Firefox
Current version is 26.
There was a work around for old (and unsafe) version, but it accidentally slipped out from recent releases.
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