Rename problem with DownThemAll

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Rename problem with DownThemAll

Post by agaxwmtp » Fri May 10, 2013 11:39 pm

I'm using

- Vista
- Firefox 20.0.1
- FlashGot
- DownThemAll 2.0.16


FlashGot has issues with the DownThemAll rename mask.

Example - A Youtube video I stared downloading a few minutes ago: Hunter Prey.

In the rename mask I put in:

Code: Select all

Hunter Prey (2010).*ext*

But the result is:

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The file name is Hunter_Prey_hd720.mp4

The problem happens at other sites too. if I use Blahblah.*ext* - it's ignored and the file name becomes *name*.*ext*

The other sites I recall right now are [spam filter triggered] sites and [spam filter triggered] sites... The forum won't even let me mention the words. Heh.

If an error happens at a legit site - I'll make a new post.

On the Youtube page - I checked to see if DownThemAll would rename a thumbnail correctly. It did. I copied the image link of thumbnail and I used...

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...and the file name is Test.jpg.

Offhand I don't remember a recent situation when I used DownThemAll by itself and the mask failed. But it sure is buggy when I use it with FlashGot.
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