JavaScript-only whitelist?

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JavaScript-only whitelist?

Post by Thrawn » Sat Aug 25, 2012 12:22 am

This one's mostly for Giorgio, but I'm posting it here so that others can discuss its pros & cons.

NS3 will give comprehensive coverage of site-specific permissions. However, in the meantime, how practical or difficult would it be to add a second, intermediate whitelist, where JavaScript would be allowed, but not any other active content? So, on the menu, you could 'Allow' or 'Script-allow' (or something similar).

Advantages that I can see:
- Covers the majority of requests for site-specific plugin whitelisting.
- Makes plugin-blocking on trusted sites easier to use, since it's still possible to completely whitelist sites.
- Could be added to NS2 with (presumably) much less time & effort than the full NS3 engine.

- Redundant once NS3 is complete. If the effort is quite small, this might not matter, but if significant, it wouldn't be worth delaying NS3 to do it.
- Extra menu clutter. Probably the menu options for the intermediate whitelist should be hidden by default.
- Possibly confusing interaction with 'Apply these restrictions to whitelisted sites too'. Enabling that checkbox would mean that the regular whitelist and the intermediate would be the same.
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Re: JavaScript-only whitelist?

Post by tlu » Sat Aug 25, 2012 10:02 am


I'm obviously not Giorgio :lol: and can't tell how difficult it would be to implement this feature. But considering that FF now offers click-to-play for plugins (which works very well with Noscript), I don't think that such an enhancement is worth the effort if we assume that NS 3 is (hopefully) not far away ;)
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