Site-Specific-Permission Questions? PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!

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Site-Specific-Permission Questions? PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!

Post by Tom T. » Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:48 am

Question: "How can I restrict a script to running only on its own site, and not elsewhere?" (Examples: Facebook, Twitter)
Question: "How can I allow certain scripts to run only at Sites X, Y, and Z, but nowhere else?"

Answers: ABE FAQ, particularly FAQ 8.10.

*Please* read that FAQ, and try it out, before posting on these topics.

Mistakes shouldn't cause any harm. If a page breaks because the rule is written incorrectly, just delete the rule, and perhaps try again.

This safety of ABE "# User-defined rules" is why Giorgio Maone wrote immediately afterward,
"Feel free to experiment here."

This should achieve your goal faster than awaiting an available Support Team member's response.

If you can't get it to work, or have further questions after reading the FAQ, then by all means, do post here.
Please be as specific as possible:

1) The site(s) involved
2) The scripts involved
3) What you want to do (allow this here, but not there, etc.)
4) What you've tried, and what happened.

This also makes for a quicker response, and saves many back-and-forth exchanges.

Thank you,
Tom T.
on behalf of Giorgio Maone and the entire Support Team. (All four of us. ;))


P. S.: Giorgio has been working fervently to bring NoScript version 3.0 to the desktop. It's already a reality for mobile users, and the linked article will give you some idea of what to expect.

The most important for our purpose here:
"Site-specific permissions", of the type discussed in this post, will be an integral part of the new NoScript GUI, and will not require users to write custom rules, in ABE or anywhere else.

It was hoped to deliver this in late 2011, but bad people keep inventing new threats requring NoScript's protection; Firefox puts out new versions every month or two, etc. So the more we can do for ourselves, the sooner Giorgio can deliver the next-generation NoScript. If ABE isn't for you, please be patient until then. Thank you again.
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