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Re: [Request] Enable for this website only

Post by Tom T. » Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:49 am

noscriptfan1 wrote:I hope you have a [Enable for this website only] soon option in the menu, as my ABE just keeps on getting bigger and bigger

I just enable googleapis temporarily because I want it disabled as soon as possible for even the sites I use it on, I don't want it used for long,and I definitely don't want it enabled on my other tabs.I also have wolframalpha.com twice because you have to scroll the list and I thought I didn't have it added. I started using A.B.E. as per a recommendation of a senior board member a year and a half ago.
The keeps on getting bigger and bigger this is just a small snippet of it.

# User-defined rules. Feel free to experiment here.
Site googleapis.com *.googleapis.com
Accept from *.virustotal.com *.slickdeals.net *.slickdealz.net *.bexar.org *.orcacle.com *.wolframalpha.com
Accept from*.qj.net *.rankupxp.com *.sparkfun.com *.instructables.com *.mediafire.com *.custhelp.com *.kraftfoods.com
Accept from *.wolframalpha.com elderscrolls.wikia.com survey.edc.epsiloninteractive.com

I have a small tip or two for you, and you've given me a great idea for an RFE until the per-site feature is available.

Tip: To check the contents of your Accept list without scrolling or having to have multiple "Accept" lines, open about:config, and in the Filter bar, type
(or you can just type ABE, and the above will be pretty obvious among the few entries.)

Now, hover the mouse over "Value". A tooltip opens that is *browser-width*, and, AFAIK, unlimited in height.
Now you can look over your entries without scrolling, either horizontally or vertically. Does that help?

I''ll post the RFE separately, in NS > Development, and put the link to it here when done.
noscriptfan1 wrote:I appreciate all you do and I know your doing this for free/coffee money

No coffee money, just free. And for the satisfaction of helping to make the Net a bit safer, of helping the NS user community, of trying to repay Giorgio for the tremendous gift of NoScript --- and, occasionally, a kind word from a happy user. :)


ETA: The RFE is here.

And I have another work-around in the meantime, to avoid duplications as in wolframalpha, etc.:

Open prefs.js file with Wordpad. Do a "Find" for whatever entry you're about to add, or are afraid has been duplicated. If it's in your USER rules, it will show up, under

If it isn't there, then you know you need to add it. This would avoid duplicates, and I agree is more convenient than manually scrolling and trying to remember a large number of entries.

Helpful? Not?
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