Can we please make noscript "intelligent"?

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Can we please make noscript "intelligent"?

Post by noscriptanon » Wed Mar 24, 2021 11:41 am


I love noscript but it gets tiring to always remember which scripts are required to make a page "work", for example, youtube requires and to get video to work.

I propose a solution where a list is curated with domains and scripts that can be set to "temp trusted" such that they "work" which can be updated as needed.

The idea behind this request is simply to add some intelligence and the power of community curated data to make using noscript a bit easier (you could have one for "reddit login" and "reddit video player" which sets exactly the right parameters for that purpose whilst keeping anything unrelated blocked).

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Re: Can we please make noscript "intelligent"?

Post by barbaz » Wed Mar 24, 2021 6:40 pm

Moving feature request to NoScript Development.

This probably won't happen. NoScript Classic used to have a feature that could be used for this, but there was no interest in creating such lists.

And why do you need to 'always remember which scripts are required to make a page "work"'? Why aren't you just setting those scripts to permanent TRUSTED? If you are using Temp. TRUSTED so much that it's tiring you out, your goal may be something NoScript isn't intended to achieve. :|
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