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Greg the Yeti
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Forget about some Browsing History

Post by Greg the Yeti » Wed Nov 11, 2020 11:32 am

Hi, I'm a very grateful, long term user of NoScript.
I recently noticed something which concerned me.

I keep most of Google on TEMPORARY Permissions - given the amount of snooping that they do! While their obvious snooping sites are "Untrusted"! :evil:

I've been using Firefox's "Forget about some Browsing History" quite a lot, and I ASSUMED that this was revoking Temporary Permissions. I would certainly WANT IT TO! :D

However I just noticed going from one site which required some Google Scripts, followed by a "Forget about some Browsing History" then going to another site, that I found also required some Google Scripts - that the Temporary Permissions had NOT been revoked! :evil:

I find this to be a potential Security/Privacy danger!
Google can follow and track me from the one site to the next..... :evil:
To prevent Google and others doing this is precisely the reason why I've been using "Forget about some Browsing History"!

I would like to suggest - if it is possible - that there be a setting to get NoScript to Forget Temporary Permissions, when a user "Forgets about some Browsing History". :mrgreen:
It MAY BE that some users won't want that behaviour - so I'd suggest that it is a setting that users can turn on/off as they wish! :mrgreen:

Until I'm confident that I can rely on Temporary Permissions being revoked, I will return to CLOSING DOWN Firefox and re-starting it BEFORE and AFTER going to my Bank and doing anything financial etc... :mrgreen:

EDIT:- I note that NoScript does have a "Revoke Temporary Permissions" button.
I've never used that - in the past I always would CLOSE Firefox before and after anything money/privacy. So it wasn't necessary!
What I'm asking is to activate that automatically with Firefox's "Forget about some browsing History". This would save two button presses and be BETTER if it's possible. Without this I reckon Friefox's "Forget about some Browsing History" is USELESS!

Regards Greg

P.S. - Probably needless to say I ALSO use "Multi Account Containers" to keep actual Google Sites "Penned In". However their scripts on other sites, get them IN even to other "Containers".
HEY! - I'd prefer if ALL financial transactions of any kind on the web were completely free of third party ANYTHING! But since that isn't so...
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Re: Forget about some Browsing History

Post by barbaz » Thu Nov 12, 2020 2:39 pm

Sorry but that style of writing is really hard to read. Let me try to summarize what you're requesting:

When user does right-click > "Forget about this site" on a website in Firefox history, NoScript should optionally also revoke temporary permissions that were set on that site.

Is this correct?
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