[fixed] file:// set to untrusted prevents keyboard shortcuts in 11.0.40

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[fixed] file:// set to untrusted prevents keyboard shortcuts in 11.0.40

Post by ml01931 » Tue Aug 25, 2020 9:56 am

Hi, I think this is a new regression introduced in 11.0.40 (or 11.0.40rc1? I don't usually use the RCs and let Firefox update the plugin automatically).

I usually have file:// set as untrusted because I haven't found a need to allow it in the past for myself. I use an html file on my computer as my home page and I noticed I could not use some of Firefox's built in keyboard shortcuts anymore starting today while viewing that page. For example, I usually use alt+d to go to the address bar. Another example is I can't use ctrl+shift+t. But I can do things like switch tabs with ctrl+tab/ctrl+shift+tab or open a new tab with ctrl+t. If I trust/temporarily trust file:, the problem goes away and I can use all the keyboard shortcuts I'm used to.

I have another profile that happened to have 11.0.38 and I can't reproduce the behavior there.
Also, I do not have this problem with untrusted sites using http/https. For normal web pages, I can use keyboard shortcuts regardless.

Windows 10
Firefox 79.0
Noscript 11.0.40

Thank you!

Firefox just updated me to Noscript 11.0.41 and the reported behavior is gone.
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