Disable scripts globally (pause NoScript) per tab until closed

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Disable scripts globally (pause NoScript) per tab until closed

Post by blinkymouse » Wed Jul 22, 2020 1:50 pm

I have some understanding of how to use NoScript. I am not a programmer. I have a feature request.

Please consider adding the ability to allow scripts globally on a single tab, until closed. The issue I keep finding is that in the process of registration or paying via credit card at one site, at some point it forwards me to another site to complete the transaction, but new scripts are required and so completing the transaction fails. I understand that I could then enable scripts on the new page (e.g. the credit card processing site) but then it requires resubmission of the data, which seems problematic because the site says "do not refresh this page or you may be charged twice!" or some such. I also understand that I can disable restrictions globally (dangerous!) but since I generally have many tabs open, this is also a nonviable solution (and also presents the danger of forgetting to re-enable.)

The ability to disable restrictions globally on a per-tab basis, only until the tab is closed, would be very useful and would solve every problem and issue I've described. If possible, please implement? Thanks!
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Re: Disable scripts globally (pause NoScript) per tab until closed

Post by Giorgio Maone » Wed Jul 22, 2020 2:09 pm

Unless I'm missing something, you're talking about the "Disable restrictions for this tab" button, the one with the red exclamation mark inscribed in a stylized tab just on the right of "Disable restrictions globally".
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