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Noscript "Disable restrictions for this tab" no longer working as expected in Tor Browser

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 12:03 am
by toruser314
Since NoScript version 10.6.1, released on Apr 10th, "Disable restrictions for this tab" is no longer working as expected on some sites which require reCAPTCHA solving. When disabling restrictions for a tab, in order to be able to fill in a Google reCAPTCHA, not all restrictions are disabled. Restriction for for example is not disabled which is required to show the reCAPTCHA. Instead you have to disable restriction for JavaScript globally.

I cannot replicate the issue on regular Firefox ESR, only on Tor Browser, although I am not 100% sure all the settings were exactly the same.

I opened an issue on this four months ago on the Tor Projects bug report page:

The issue is still present in version 11.0.3.