It's way too hard to find out that NoScript blocked WebGL

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It's way too hard to find out that NoScript blocked WebGL

Post by barbaz » Thu Aug 01, 2019 7:50 pm

If a WebGL is the only thing NoScript Webext blocks on a page, it is unnecessarily difficult to discover that NoScript is blocking something.

To reproduce:

1) remove WebGL from "Trusted" preset

2) load (with set to Trusted)

Expected results: NoScript icon should report the blocked WebGL.

Actual results: NoScript icon is as if everything is allowed, but is missing a bunch of its UI.

WTH?? This is even worse than not reporting blocked "fetch"! I had to go through all the standard troubleshooting in safe mode etc to figure this out!!!!

If NoScript is blocking something, the toolbar icon should NOT be Image with no blocked items count badge, period. The correct toolbar icon for this case would be Image (which I don't even see in the source code repo?).

Please restore the proper NoScript toolbar icon behavior as described in, where the toolbar icon describes the state of ALL active content on the page. Thanks :)
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