"Reverse engeneering"

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"Reverse engeneering"

Post by ()Alf » Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:00 pm

Hello, i'm not native english, but i hope i can form your imagination.

A present example got me to this, called gmx.de.

I reduced "allowed" to a minimun, that Ads and other stuff wasn't loaded at all and fastend up that page, relative to my "poor" internet. I did that by stopping loading manually and check which pages are showed in "noscript".

Now some time later, they changed something which is checking for something or evaluating, if a pageproperty is successfully loaded, so i get a "you need a modern browser" thingy and breaks my "email-experience".

I would have some ideas to workaround to fix this until another change of their site, but i like to request some ideas to make such situations more easily fixable.

1. A Log (did i miss the information, that there is 1 and where, and how i use it?)
2. Treeing all forks per sitecall to config (instead just listing alltogether), no matter if NewTab, Favorite (realize, that some configs always open new tabs on favorite), Link (maybe reduced to new window/tab) (helpful for my problem mentioned above to maybe even reset just 1 major (domain) site) - OK, there maybe crossovers, mark them as such and maybe make some global settings/categories for such sites (i.e. google stuff, but ther' others u no).
3. About those crossovers, maybe it makes sense, to allow the same site for 1 page, and disallow it for the other? At least it would provide a robust "per domain" structure.
4. A Log that is tabrelated and/or per manual/favorite/link sitecall adress (see 1.).
5. ! A "LOADMANAGEMENT AT FIREFOXSTARTUP" - because Firefox need the longer to start, the larger my database is. At least it was suggested due to fresh FF-Profile, after importing data, slowdown was present (3secs+). I must admit, my PC is about 5 years+ old - maybe it counts.

Thank you.

*To be added, i use Linux Mint 18, check for system is up2date and autoupdate noscript.
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