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RFE: Gray out icon on Privileged page

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 3:14 am
by therube
RFE: Gray out icon on a "Privileged" page

Maybe ad a gray overlay over the icon.

It gets very confusing... to me.
Say you have Allowed Globally (I have to stop & look & see what the icon is), so it's the exclamation, !.
So you have Allowed Globally, !, & then you visit some "Privileged" page, say a New Tab, or better
At that point, the icon is a question mark, ?.
And you're looking for some extension, say, NoScript [hey, that actually works in FF 61, on the "new" AMO, but not on the old], anyhow, you're screwing around on AMO looking for something worthwhile [cough, cough], then after a good hour wasted & not finding anything, & you're pissed, you then jump over to www.
Well you've just done that while Allowed Globally.
But during that past hour of frustration, having been on AMO, all you saw was the question mark, ?, & during that time you'd forgotten you were in Allow Global.
So in that case, it would be nice if you did still have that Allow Global icon, the exclamation, !, but grayed over - when on this "Privileged" site.

It might help you remain aware in what state you actually are once you loose your "privileges".
(Man, do I feel privileged.)

Re: RFE: Gray out icon on Privileged page

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 3:23 am
by therube
I guess similar could be said about
Allow Page
Allow Global

If you
Allow Page
you can also
Allow Global (from that page) [actually, it doesn't matter where you Allowed Global from, even a Privileged page]

But then you can not
Disallow Page
until you have first
Disallow Global

So maybe when you're on an Allow Page page, & if you have otherwise Allowed Global, then gray out the Allow Page icon (which it sort of already is...).
That may give you some indication that you cannot Disallow Page as something else is overriding things (i.e., Allow Global).