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Icon Malaise

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2018 11:35 pm
by therube
Icon Malaise

set to Default (i.e., not allowed)
set FF to restore session on opening
icon shows, not allowed

start FF loads
icon shows as partially allowed (with a 5, as it happens to be in my case)

check the sites in the icon is shown as Default

hit the Home button (& let it take you where ever it goes)
hit the back-arrow again displays as expected
icon displays with a question mark


(Separately, I could have sworn, that one time, on start from Session Restore, [acted as if it were] allowed, i.e., scripts not blocked, even though they should have been. Not able to replicate, so far.)

I must have something screwy with my Profile, as I'm not even getting mouse-over icon hover information, which I'm pretty sure should be there, no? Anyhow, I'm on 'Show NoScript contextual menu item' is checked.