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Intranet IP addreses IPv4 whitelist

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:01 pm
by Withy14
in previous version I had in my NoScript wildcarded for IPv4 private network. I used for example 10.0, 192.168.124 etc. It worked without issues (every pages under those worked without asking me for permission to run scripts).
Now it is not working although it should. I could generate the filter for having 8^3 + 8^2 + 8 addresses in the filter is hugely ineffective. So I would like to ask you for fixing this bug and/or better to implement function to whitelist all local IP addresses which should not be that hard because those are well known and every single network knows what those addresses are. Just a note - honestly why no one implemented such feature right from the beginning is beyond my knowledge.