[Fixed] XSS Exceptions aren't saved accross restarts

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[Fixed] XSS Exceptions aren't saved accross restarts

Post by juozas » Sat Dec 02, 2017 5:42 pm

When I add an exception to NS It only remembers it for the session. It doesn't get stored in storage-sync.sqlite as I can confirm with an sqlite viewer/editor on my linux system. When I restart the browser I see annoying xss popups, some times multiple of same kind such as having window.name in it, when I visit any of the affected pages.
p.s. The cookies saved by default for session, the data I clear on shutdown is like in screenshot below, dunno if it affects it.
Screenshot taken from my alt profile, running with LC_ALL=C in command line. Main profile has the same setting.
Edit: Unchecking Offline Website Data doesn't help anything. Still getting warnings while visiting affected site after browser restart.
Edit2: is still affected. It doesn't save XSS exception after restart either. Also if site triggers multiple XSS, dialog pops up even after closing the tab which is weird.
Edit3: Fixed as of earlier version I didn't bother checking earlier, disregard this post.

Firefox 57.0.1
Ubuntu 17.10 64 bits
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