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Re: 10: UI

Post by jawz101 » Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:17 pm

mutik wrote:@jawz101
I've added second dialog with textual states of each domain, similar to what you proposed in spreasheet. Take a look, might be more to your tastes.

Looks great. Even if it's a pref to enable/disable descriptions like these, I'm sure a bunch of people would leave them on. I pm'd Giorgio with your example so maybe someday he'll reach out. From the tone of a msg he posted on his Hackademix blog, it looks like he's open for suggestions on the UI. https://hackademix.net/2017/11/21/top-i ... ment-38469
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Re: 10: UI

Post by Mistame » Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:29 pm

Your second example looks like a good way to mix the current setup with your first example. Have it display the icon and text of the current permissions to the left, like it is, but when you click the icon/text, it should drop-down a sort of context menu where you change the permissions directly. The ellipses on the right (...) could be changed to a tool icon (crossed tools icon that's pretty common) or a gear and that would serve as custom. Alternatively, that could be the lock icon that toggles the HTTP/S state with "Custom" being in the aforementioned "context" menu that then slides in an options page (or opens a menu) to customize the permissions for that domain. Not particularly fond the rounded rectangle thing for the icon and permissions, but that's what the default UI does so it works. :)

Edit: On second thought, we really don't need to access custom options from the pop-up menu. If someone wants to fine tune it, they can use the options page for the extension, IMO. Just have "Custom" link at the bottom, under a separator, of the context menu that opens the options panel.
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Re: 10: UI

Post by compass98 » Tue Nov 28, 2017 3:52 am

I would like to note that this discussion/set of issues is the highest viewed amongst the first 3 pages of threads as of this writing.
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Re: 10: UI

Post by barbaz » Tue Nov 28, 2017 4:09 am

I would like to note that this discussion has been very constructive. Let's keep it that way, thanks. 8-)
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Re: 10: UI

Post by akaz01 » Sat Mar 03, 2018 7:08 pm


if a switch to the old UI is technically difficult,
an option
would help to show only toplevels
like google.com, ioam.de
and do not display the underlying levels.

Most page have many scripts and you have to search through
and scroll, which makes it more easy that you give unintentionally
a permission
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