Cannot Browser URLs After NoScript Version Changes

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Cannot Browser URLs After NoScript Version Changes

Post by therube » Fri May 29, 2009 2:24 pm

Cannot Browser URLs After NoScript Version Changes

A couple of times now, & only with the most recent build (& or #dev builds), I have opened my browser only to find that entering a URL or using a bookmark or a http:// bookmarklet does nothing. No response. As if I hadn't performed an action.

about: entries did work as did a straight JavaScript bookmarklet.

SeaMonkey 1.1.16.

This likely has something to do with the use of multiple Profiles - further the simultaneous usage of such, while at the same time having installed various differing versions of NoScript into each.

In SeaMonkey, with an extension like NoScript, parts are installed gobally, & parts are installed (typically) into your Profile.

Typically, my main Profile has the most recent (extension) versions installed & typically is left open all day. Then I'll open secondary (dumy) Profiles often times installing older or more recent #dev versions of NoScript into that. And I may install various versions into my dumy Profile. And at some point, I may wipe out the Profile /chrome/ directory entirely (one "method" to "uninstall" extensions).

I have done things like this for ages & have never run into problems (or at least observable problems).

(And yes, I know that in doing what I do & how I do it, I may be left in a somewhat bastardized state extension wise.)

This (not being able to browse at all) has never occurred in the past. (The possibility that other oddities may have resulted in the past, but nothing that stands out or affected browsing.)

In this case, having my main Profile opened all day (yesterday), it worked throughout the day. Closed the browser in the evening. Then this morning when I reopened it, then I observed that I could not browse. I reinstalled NoScript, & upon restarting my browser everything was OK.

So it appears that some recent changes & most likely something doing with the globally installed parts of NoScript is getting more aggressive & less backwards compatible ending up affecting browsing ability.

(This would only be observable in SeaMonkey 1.1.x as FF2/3 & SeaMonkey 2 handle extension <installations> differently.)
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