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Re: NoScript Source and build environment

Post by Alan Baxter » Fri Sep 25, 2009 3:39 am

mikhail wrote:And thank you for encouraging me to expand my vocabulary (now I know what a "sock puppet" is) :)

You're welcome. Cool expression, isn't it?
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Re: NoScript Source and build environment

Post by mdd » Sat Aug 16, 2014 5:14 pm

After reading this I was about to try to setup a repo for NoScript myself, but first I thought and checked; I found this pre-existing and apparently up to date git repo.

You can find a NoScript git source code repository already created on GitHub.

This was set up by Tomaž Šolc who has a post describing it on his Blog. I have checked version and the only difference between the repository and the distributed XPI is that the version string in the repository is given as "@VERSION@". Obviously the checkin attribution isn't to Giorgio since he didn't create the repo, but each checkin comment matches with his changelog so commands like "git blame" will be really helpful in understanding where particular lines come from. Hopefully having this this will save Giorgio enough time answering questions that he'll be able to comment if there's anything missing :D .

P.S. Giorgio; if you ever read this; thanks very much for NoScript your work is really appreciated and irreplacable. Every time I try chrome I get driven back to Firefox by the lack of full scripting control. If you do have some testing environment, as others have suggested, dump it somewhere or send mail and I will also put that into GitHub for you.
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