[Bug][NFSW] No videoplayback until addon is deactivated

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Re: [Bug][NFSW] No videoplayback until addon is deactivated

by therube » Tue Oct 09, 2018 11:59 pm

Well, it certainly works without disabling NoScript.

Looks like it only needs:


How to tell you how to come up with hmnjkvideos.wpnrtnmrewunrtok.xyz in a straight forward manner, not sure, but with those two, it works.

Site, or I guess it is actually this .xyz site, is rather slow, so that makes the clips slow to load &/or play.

With NoScript 5, I can get a placeholder, which is convenient for me.
In NoScript 10, I'll assume similar can be done ? but I'm not familiar enough with it (& FF 62 & don't really care to mess with it).

Re: [Bug][NFSW] No videoplayback until addon is deactivated

by therube » Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:04 pm

SeaMonkey, NoScript 5

"MissAlice" (happened to be the 1st one listed)

Allowed camwhores
Allowed h-cdn.com (that might be a Flash based player, not sure?)
Then arbitrarily allowed a number of "numeric" domain names

That was enough to get the clip to play

Then revoked h-cdn.com, & the clip still played

And at that point, things are kind of odd, because those numeric domains no longer show that they can be revoked (individually - they are not listed, individually).
The only place they (now) show is "under" Revoke Temporary Permissions.


Looking again, video is slow to load, & all that I'm needing is the two sites above.

Can't check NS 10 at present.

[Bug][NFSW] No videoplayback until addon is deactivated

by BongoBongo » Tue Oct 09, 2018 11:00 am

Any videos on camwhore.tv won't play until the addon is completely deactivated in Firefox, it keeps saying "html5: Video file not found"

I've tried the following options in NoScript:
- Disable restrictions for this tab
- Set all to temporarily trusted for this site
All domains or IPs either show as trusted or temporarily trusted after reload. Still won't work. Only site I've issues with.

Windows 10
Firefox 62.0.3

1. Visit

Code: Select all

2. Play any video (cant post direct link because your software blocks me)
3. See error message html5: Video file not found
4. Press STRG+SHIFT+A and click on disable for NoScript
5. Reload tab, video plays